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You Will NEVER Get Bored at Spa Athletic Club!

Over 100 Classes a Month to Motivate You and Get You into Shape!

Spa Athletic offers the areas finest and most respected group training programs for our members. We offer a wide variety of classes every week including exciting programs like Zumba, Cardio Fat Burn, TRX, Yoga, Water Aerobics, XTreme Pump and many more!

Come on in and see why our classes are so popular and how much fun you will have while you look and feel your best!

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Class Descriptions:

Xtreme Pump - This 60-minute program challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for and fast.

Facets of Fitness - Segments of "Heart Healthy" cardio coupled with muscle strengthening and toning. Focuses on balance, flexibility, and coordination. This is a lighter paced workout that is perfect for beginners to intermediate fitness levels.

Pump/Pilates/Stretch - Three workouts in one! 45 minutes of toning, using weighted bars and hand weights. Followed by 30 minutes of Pilates and stretching concentrating on core strength and flexibility. This class strengthens the lower back and abs, creating the 'lean body' look. Perfect for all fitness levels.

Pilates & A Ball - Beginner's level Pilates class focusing on core strength, flexibility, & lower back strengthening. A Great way for anyone to start Pilates!

Pump It Up - This class does it all using the resist-a-ball, hand weights, resistance training, body bars, and a step to improve total body muscle strength and endurance. Designed for intermediate to advanced fitness levels, but can be modified for beginners.

Kick'n The Core - Not only are you Strip'n the Core but you're also Kick'n the heart and lungs. 15 Core postures intervaled with 15 dynamic kin-n-box cardio moves. Working in intervals of low and high intensities, waking up parts of your body, mind, and soul to achieve new levels of fitness!

ZUMBA - High Energy & Motivating music with unique Latin dance style moves that tone & sculpt the body. Easy and fun to do!
Strip n' the Core A unique class designed to build strength & tone the entire body while incorporating the core muscles. Great for all fitness levels.

Turbo Kick - It is a combination of intense kickboxing moves, as well as, dance moves all perfectly choreographed to high energy music. It's the ultimate cardio challenge with a unique blend of intense intervals of strength and endurance training.

The "Journey" Cardio - Tricia's signature Strip n' the Core journey series with a new cardio twist. One-minute of Cardio
followed by one-minute of core strength.

Functional Group X - The class will utilize the hottest trend in the fitness area right now...functional strength and fitness. This will include high intensity intervals combined with the TRX system and other total body resistance techniques. Class limited to 12 participants

TRX  - Born in the US Navy SEALS TRX® Suspension Training® exercises build functional strength and endurance to develop peak military fitness no matter where you're stationed. Specialty Classes are purchased classes. ($8 member and $10 non-member for individual class, package rate available and front desk)

Yoga Accent - This is a specialized yoga class for 75 minutes. More emphasis is given on advanced yoga poses, breath, meditation, mantras & deep relaxation. Swati will inspire you to adapt a healthy yoga lifestyle and to live your yoga from inside-out. Open to all levels of yoga experience and perfect class for those wanting to deepen their yoga practice. 

Gentle Yoga -  Learn to practice yoga safely. Though geared towards new beginners & level 1 yogis; it also serves as an eye-opener for an advanced yogi who may explore this class afresh with a desire to relearn basics of mindfulness in correct posture; pose alignments and much more. Feel stress free, happy & stay energized throughout the day after each class. Swati focuses on breath in this total mind-body workout to enhance your yoga experience.